New York

Went to New York in February and these are some of my best photographs.

Been a busy week, went back to school and just getting accustomed to all the drama of school life again, very fun! Photography is going well and so is Media and I had my first 3 hour Business lesson yesterday, very good but I have a lot of work to do!!

Currently my cat is staring at me typing this on the screen and is confused to the fact that words seem to appear, very funny. I am now going to listen to the new Bombay Bicycle Club album and do the washing up fun!

Oh and by the next post I will be 18!!! Birthday on Monday 😀 Maybe get me to 2500 views for a present? Haha, enjoy the photographs!!


One thought on “New York

  1. I love the bottom photo too much…

    Tonk you need to enter this in the telegraph ‘Big picture’ weekly travel photography comp in the paper- it would win, and you win a nikon, its not amazing, but you could sell it x

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